Beta 2.2.1 Available

The Contract Work 2.2.1 Closed Beta is now available on Itch for Kickstarter Backers and by invite.

Some things to know about 2.2.1:

  • Re-investment unlocks are currently being tracked but not implemented.
  • A lot of GIF content is still placeholder as the final graphics are still being worked on
  • Lots of enemy updates are in place, and more are planned
    • Unique attack preparation sounds
    • Unique attack animations (working on separate animations for suspicious vs. attacking enemies)
  • New close quarters combat (CQC) system in place - you may still see this referred to as 'melee' in some perks
  • Balance tracking - currently tracking purchases of perks to nerf/buff as needed.

Next update coming this week! Follow my game development stream @keewonhong 


Contract Work 2.2.1 win x86-Setup.exe 182 MB
Apr 08, 2019
Contract Work 2.2.1 win x64-Setup.exe 188 MB
Apr 08, 2019
Contract Work 2.2.1 mac 198 MB
Apr 08, 2019
Contract Work 2.2.1 linux 200 MB
Apr 08, 2019

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