Contract Work Early Access Update 1.0.1 (Mac and Linux!)

Welcome to Early Access Update 1.0.1! Lots of information, but the highlights first:

Contract Work Early Access Now Available on Mac and Linux! Available now, the latest and greatest.

Other new fun stuff:

Attack while jumping! A skilled move that deals bonus damage. Bonus damage can be increased with the 'Death from Above!' Perk (replaces the 'Suppressing Fire' Perk).

Shock Bolts! Unlockable ammo for the crossbow that inflicts damage over time on targets. Zap!

More Unlockable Content - Hack Software Modifications!

4 new mods to your hack software that can be purchased from E.T. Mick:

  • SHARPSHOOTER for .GUNSLINGER - increases range while gunslinger is active
  • SPRINT for .PHASE_SHIFT - increases speed while player is phased
  • BLACKOUT for .BLINDSPOT - increases range of blindspot area
  • BIGDOG for .SUPPORT - summons a big bot for support

Other Updates:

  • Changed Packet Sniffer Perk to work like old Data Exploit Perk, changed Data Exploit Perk behavior
  • Adjusted timing on electric traps and turrets firing
  • Adjust turret attack trigger area
  • Adjusted enemy minimum ranges, added delay to enemy rocket detonation
  • Added new projectile graphics for ARHP and ARSabot attacks
  • Major updates to Ally AI for support bots - will always face the direction you are, will behave properly if deployed on different floor, retreat correctly when support time expires
  • New glitch text effect on some UI


  • Fixed issue w/black screen when trying to stream app on OBS
  • Fixed issue w/tutorials continuing to play
  • Fixed issue where perks not being found would freeze game
  • Fixed Boss Detection Area issues
  • Fixed issue w/ARHP ammo doing half damage and graphic not showing up
  • Fixed issue w/right side camera bounding


Contract Work Mac Early Access 1.0.1 263 MB
Nov 18, 2019
Contract Work for Windows 64 bit Early Access 1.1.2 365 MB
Version 8 Nov 18, 2019
Contract Work for Windows 32 bit Early Access 1.1.2 361 MB
Version 5 Nov 18, 2019
ContractWork Linux 64 bit Early Access 1.0.1 232 MB
Nov 18, 2019

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