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Contract Work is a procedural shoot or stealth platformer in a cyberpunk universe. Contra meets Metal Gear Solid as you choose between sneaking or shooting. Play a hi-tech mercenary taking on increasingly dangerous and lucrative contracts to steal corporate secrets and wreak havoc. Navigate through procedurally generated levels that provide a new set of challenges and dangers every time.

With a large selection of weapons and hack programs, each run will encourage you to create new strategies to maximize your profits. Close contracts with efficiency, discretion and extreme violence, then spend your hard-earned cash on powerful upgrades in the vendor market. 

Every upgrade is designed to emphasize different aspects of your character - combat focused characters can purchase specialized weapon upgrades and ammunition, hack focused characters can upgrade software and increase CPU power, and stealthy characters can purchase upgrades to their sidearm and evasion techniques. 

A repository of un-lockable content means that even if you reboot before retirement, you can retry your next career with new weapons, programs, perks.

Let’s go blow up some robots.


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Contract Work for Windows 64 bit Early Access 1.0.1 312 MB
Version 9
Contract Work for Windows 32 bit Early Access 1.0.1 308 MB
Version 5
ContractWork Linux 64 bit Early Access 1.0.1 232 MB
Contract Work Mac Early Access 1.0.1 266 MB

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It's advertising Linux on Steam, will the Linux version come here too?

Ps. Any idea when the Steam release is?

Hi - yes there will be a Linux version, just need to get that build tested.

Steam release should be in about 2 weeks, around Nov 25.

I downloaded the OSX application, and it keeps crashing sadly :(

this is sham from the indie city games event

Ok thanks for the heads up, will try creating a new build for OSX. 

New OSX build uploaded - please give it a try if you have a minute, thanks!