Contract Work Early Access Update 1.1.2

The 1.1.2 Update is now up in Beta. Changes:

Takedown Update! When you sneak up on an enemy, you now have the option to execute a non-lethal (and completely silent) takedown. The non-lethal takedown will stun a bot for a short period of time, but you will have to deal with it repowering later:

Big Enemy Animations Update! Every Bot has been visually updated (small changes but some bigger than others):

Smaller Game Updates:

Added 'Innovative' Bonuses for clever enemy kills (using a trap, using friendly fire)

Changed health and ammo de-buffs to affect price only instead of quantity

Update the Blindspot program to increase stealth radius (still testing)

Fixed defect in CQC where player would 'run in place'


Contract Work for Windows 64 bit Early Access 1.1.2 365 MB
Version 13 Jan 04, 2021
Contract Work for Windows 32 bit Early Access 1.1.2 361 MB
Version 9 Jan 04, 2021

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