Created for GMTK Jam 2020, 'Out of Control'

In Haywire, you pilot a powerful but experimental combat suit, deployed into dangerous areas to fight the demonic incursion. It is equipped with a powerful cannon for room clearing and an area clearing grenade launcher.

  • The experimental combat suit was designed to fight the demons, but their energy attacks continue to cause mechanical systems to go HAYWIRE. 
  • Any demon hits you suffer in combat can cause the wiring in your suit to malfunction or worse.  Haywire components will no longer respond to their original inputs but you can attempt to still control the suit with the adhoc controls
  • Your mission is to destroy as many demons as you can before extraction, and try to survive..

Game was created using ImpactJS and the TwoPointFive plugin - some assets are from the Open Source TwoPointFive demo, with mixed purchased assets and custom created textures. Sounds primarily from AudioBlocks.

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